Hello! Welcome to my blog!

Who am I?
My families and friends call me MM, short call for my real name, Mary May. I am born and raised in the Philippines but I’m currently living and working in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I’m happily married, claiming and believing to have a child in God’s time.

How did I start my Skincare journey?
During the pandemic, I broke my arm which led me to reset and change my lifestyle. I found and learned about Skincare along my journey through my close friend who has been so much into it. Pandemic days were spent binge watching Beauty Within, Wishtrend, James Welsh, Hyram, Liah Yoo, Gothamista, among others.

Why did I get into Skincare?
Skincare is not just applying products and posting them online. It is a transformational and therapeutic exercise of my mental health, emotions, and my psychological self. I realized that the skin concerns I had were just results of my habits, food intake, and a manifestation of how I cared for my self before. Getting into skincare changed me from within. I now get up earlier than usual, I hydrate my self A LOT, I watch what I eat, and I take a good look of my body in the mirror (which I could not do before). Moreover, applying products spark a lot of joy and seeing the results make it all worthwhile.

I also love that Skincare does not discriminate color and race. Growing up as a teen in a society where being fair is adored, I used many whitening products in hopes of having a “whiter skin”. Thanks to skincare science and formulations, I got to learn that being fair is not the goal. The goal is to have a healthy skin while augmenting and enhancing my true color with a glow.

What is my Skin type?
I have always been having an Oily skin type. I’m also acne-prone, yes. I’m thankful though that my skin can tolerate high-concentrated actives, fragrances, and essential oils.

Is this my full time job?
Nope. I am a Sped teacher by profession and I am teaching children with Autism full time. Before working in the school though, I was a full time Content writer, Copywriter, and Digital Marketing Officer – those 7 years taught and exposed me on how all these web stuff work.

This blog site is a diary of my journey and open for anyone who might be going through the same. I share my skincare picks, reviews, and self love inputs, making this blogosphere a more positive place to stay. Though I mostly do this for fun, I also share the greatness of skincare though meaningful and purposeful collaborations. Please send an email to carnationskin@gmail.com for a chat!

In as much as I love sharing, all of my photos and content can’t be used or reposted without my permission. I would appreciate an email or a message when you want any of my content in your handle or website. That way, I know that my time, energy, and passion on this page are acknowledged and respected.

Keep glowing and keep dreaming!


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Sharing my skincare journey and my personal experiences about self care and self love

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