CeraVe Acne Foaming Cream Cleanser Review

I was quite upset having acne in my 30s. I got an irritated skin after trying a cleanser from a PR brand. As a result, I had several breakouts on my cheeks, I had dryness and redness – my skin was apparently enraged!

I tried using Cerave Acne Foaming Cream cleanser and it was the first product I tried in the brand. My impressions were great – it’s texture was creamy and pleasant, it has a subtle nice smell, and it is not drying on my skin.

Key Ingredients:
4% Benzoyl Peroxide – this fights acne bacteria on the skin that is how this cleanser is specifically designed to combat acne
Hyaluronic acid – it’s a substance that human body naturally produces. However, this substance decreases as we grow old. This substance reduces redness and acne appearance. While it’s a good ingredient, it is better to pair this with other hydrating products for it to work better (hyaluronic acid clings to water to work).
Niacinamide – an all-time favorite ingredient, this brightens the skin and treats acne scars over time.
Sodium C14-16 – while I don’t mind this ingredient, this may be irritating and sensitizing on sensitive skin.

How did I use this product?
– I used this daily at day and night.
– I applied a dime-sized amount on my damp face and gently massaged for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
– I washed it off and continued with the rest of my routine.
– I wore sunscreen, never forgotten.

What was my experience like?
– The consistency was pleasant, it was like a cream.
– It was not drying or stripping. Having an oily skin, I always prefer cleansers that I feel really removes the dirt but it is also important for me that it should not be drying, tight, and stripping my skin barrier. This cleanser did just right.
– The bottle (150ml) lasted me for exactly 42 days! It is enough for me to see the product’s effectivity and at the same time, it is not too long for the use and wait.
– It is super affordable and it’s accessible.
– I had an irritated, enraged skin when I started using this product. I finished it with cleared up jawline and a much-better-feeling skin – it became plump again.
– The Niacinamide in the ingredients list did not seem to fully work out. There was no noticeable brightness in my skin. That was alright since my concern was my acne and that Niacinamide takes more time to effect.

Buy or Bye?
I will definitely buy this again in the future (breakout times) and will definitely recommend this to oily, acne-prone skin type lovelies.

Keep glowing!

This product is personally bought by Carnation Skin. This post is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. All entries are honest and genuine experiences of the author. Please always consult the professionals for your safety.

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