Youth to the People Superfood Cleanser Review

Pro-grade Vegan, unconventional, innovative, and powerful – this is Youth to the People. This brand is family-owned of three-generation skincare experts. The brand for me is warm, wide, and welcoming – I don’t know but the vibe I am getting is so humane which reflects to their vegan formulations and sustainable practices. I also see a lot of diverse people representing the brand, which I find utterly positive and empowering.

I came across the Kale + Green tea Spinach Vitamins Superfood Cleanser in Instagram and the second thing I know, it’s already on my way for delivery!

First Impressions:

– The packaging is simple, clear, and bold.
– The bottle is made of glass which can be recycled after finishing the product.

Ingredients and Claims:
Kale – This “morning juice” is rich in skin-loving phytonutrients and vitamins A, C, E and K.
Spinach – This soothes and cools the skin. It also boosts moisture onto the skin.
Green tea – It’s anti-inflammatory oil packed with essential fatty acids.
Alfalfa – This ward off free-radicals, removes dirt and prevents pores to clog.

My Experience

  1. The product comes in 59ml or 237ml glass bottle. It is helpful if you want to try it first before buying the big one (just like I did).
  2. The texture is gel and the colour looks like one in a liquid detergent.
  3. Though it’s a gel, it lathers nicely in one pump.
  4. And I don’t cringe (like how I do with other gel cleansers). The texture is like “oil + water + gel” that it feels nice to apply, not tacky at all!
  5. It smells “healthy”, herbaceous in that sense.
  6. It thoroughly cleanses and does not leave my skin dry, tight, or stripped off.
  7. It even leaves a softer and more supple skin.

How am I using this product?
– I am using this daily at day and night.
– I pump a pea-sized amount and apply it on my damp face, then gently massage for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
– I wash it off and continue with the rest of my routine.
– Sunscreen in the morning, of course!

I really do love this because it removes the dirt, it hydrates my skin, and it makes it more supple afterwards. I don’t fully expect my cleansers to wipe out blemishes, discolorations, et cetera. Rather, I suppose it will do deep cleaning while not damaging or ripping my barrier off. It should prepare my face to receive the goodness of the products lining up next. Simply yet powerfully, this cleanser does its job!

Although I’m declaring this as my new Holy grail cleanser, I wish this is more accessible and available here in Dubai, UAE. It is also above the cheap side so the price plus the shipping fees are quite a haul.

Buy or Bye?

Seriously, this cleanser is a pack of what I wished the other cleansers I tried should have had. This is a must for me! And I believe for you, too!

Keep glowing!

This product is personally bought by Carnation Skin. It is in no way connected to the brand/s mentioned. This post is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. All entries are honest and genuine experiences of the author. Please always consult the professionals for your safety.

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